Composite / uPVC

Composite Doors

KDS Ltd provide high quality composite doors in a range of styles and colours to suit every home.

Entrance Doors

Our range of entrance doors offer high quality construction components, excellent thermal insulation. They are secure whilst still being stylish door options. Please see below for further details on our range of composite doors that are manufactured by our trade partner Hörmann.

Steel Thermo65 and Thermo46

These doors for main and side entrances are available in a large selection of styles. Thanks to standard multiple-point locking, these inexpensive doors give you a feeling of security, save energy through excellent thermal insulation and are a beautiful "visiting card" for your home.

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ThermoComp Entrance Doors

For a style to suit your taste and the security to put you at ease, Hörmann ThermoComp Entrance Doors will provide you with that and more.  ThermoComp Entrance Doors come in a wide range of styles including:  Traditional, Cottage and Contemporary.

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Multi-purpose Function Doors for your home

Our range of multi-purpose-function doors are for all areas of your home.  They are high quality doors that come in a wide variety of colours, designs and multiple equipment option with security doors for your basement and garage entrances, fire doors for boiler rooms, multipurpose doors for hobby rooms, children’s bedrooms, attic room and for the passages from the garage to the house.

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uPVC Doors and Windows

KDS Ltd also offer a full range of uPVC doors and windows manufactured in the UK. uPVC products are strong and secure, low maintenance and come in a variety of designs.

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